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Louisiana State University's Response to the RIAA Letter.

Dear Mr. Peters:

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. The following has been posted on my Web site, and it should address some of your concerns. (http://www.lsu.edu/chancellor/issues/index.htm).

Issue: The RIAA has traditionally engaged in scare tactics and over- ambitious lawsuits. As an LSU student living on campus, what steps has/will LSU take to protect the privacy of students who use peer-to- peer networks for legal purposes? And what steps has/will LSU take to protect its students from the RIAA's scare tactics?

Answer: I assure you that LSU strives to protect the privacy of its students, faculty, and staff. Concerning the issue of peer-to-peer file sharing, Information Technology Service (ITS) has educational material available online at File Sharing at LSU and www.lsu.edu/itpolicy on actions you can take to avoid copyright infringement, and ways in which students who use peer-to-peer applications for legal purposes can protect themselves. In addition, the institution has implemented preventative measures to insure appropriate use of peer-to-peer applications on our campus network and within the residential housing network we support.

I want to take a moment to explain in a bit of detail about how RIAA notifications work, both in the past and now with their new tactic. Indeed, you are correct that they do seem to be taking ever more aggressive actions.

First, ITS (on behalf of the University) does not reveal the identity of students in response to any notification from RIAA (MPAA, or others) regarding potential copyright infringement – unless a legal court order is issued (a subpoena). Here is how the notification process works.

These entities notify LSU of their belief that their copyright is being misused, under what is called the Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA for short); they give us the only details they can get via the network – the IP number of the device alleged to have infringed on their copyright. The DMCA law then requires LSU to pass on these notifications to those connected to our network at that address. We do not reveal that information to the entity issuing the DMCA complaint. We alert the student – not the RIAA. We do monitor the individual's response to the complaint and there are actions we take as a University network provider (detailed in those Web links above).

If the University is served with a subpoena (legal order from a court of law) requiring the name of a person associated with that IP address – usually the result of the problem not being addressed, then and only then do we reveal the information we have on the person – as required by law. At this point, LSU cannot do otherwise and be within the law.

The latest RIAA process is a step beyond the DMCA notifications, but again falls short of a court-mandated action. Now, the RIAA is notifying universities that a particular IP number is infringing copyright and that they intend to eventually issue a subpoena to sue that person in court – but they're offering a chance for that individual to settle in advance without going to court. What LSU will do in this new process is to proceed with forwarding the notification to the user involved (as if it was a DMCA complaint, which after a fashion it is) – but again, we are not revealing their identity without the legal subpoena. We are also going to send along information we have on the law, so the person can best judge what to do.

The news stories also talk about the RIAA asking universities to keep log files. How LSU is interpreting this is as follows. They do not want us, should they issue a subpoena later, to then say “… we erased our network records (say, after the end of a semester) so we can not tell you who had that IP address anymore.” LSU, at the time the notification is received, makes note of to whom we sent the letter; and we've kept that information. We are not tracking the use of that user or computer nor are we keeping data about any use. This is the limit of what we feel we must do under the law. Despite comments in the media from other institutions, I have confidence that they, too, are doing this minimal record keeping.

As a point of fact, in the two years that I have been at LSU, we have not once received a court-order/subpoena to reveal an individual's identity. LSU also is well below the national average in receipt of DMCA complaints as well, and as my recent broadcast memo stated, we have not received any notifications in this most recent RIAA action. I believe that LSU students by and large respond appropriately to initial DMCA notifications, and thus there is no need for the RIAA to go further. This has been our experience to date.

I assure you that the Office of the CIO here at LSU, through its Information Technology Security & Policy function, is closely monitoring the actions being taken by the RIAA, and will work with University Counsel on insuring our network environment continues to promote compliance with the law that protects both copyright owners and the privacy of our network community. We are also working to ensure that the LSU community stays informed of developments.

Again, LSU is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for faculty, staff and students.


HAHA " Don't Copy that Floppy!"


10 cool cell phone tricks [link]

This article gives some good advice to cell phone users on interfaceing with the Internet on their phones.

Interview of moe.

An awesome college newspaper interview of a great American jam band.

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"How to Clean Your Coffee Maker" [link]

"I'm not scared of North Korea or Iran। I'm quite convinced my new coffee maker is a thermonuclear device."


Very sweet detailed page on powered skateboard...[link]



The last 7 years have sucked for democracy in the United States. I'm not saying that Democrats would have done a much better job, I'm saying that the current administration has perfected a culture war full of misinformation that had us (perhaps, still has us) divided so completely.

We're no longer debating issues, we're stuck debating the wrong issues. I'm very conservative, but I completely and have always despised President Bush. I used to love Bill Clinton when I was Liberal, but now I'm liberal and conservative...and I hate President Bush, and Republicans, and Fox News, and Ann Coulter, and Bill O'reilly-- I'm conservative, and I hate Sean Hannity, and Karl Rove, and Ronald Reagan. I'm liberal and I hate Hillary, Joe Biden, Jack Murtha, and John Kerry...

-- I'm a true, blue classic liberal/conservative.

I don't love America, I love the United States of America. America is a vision, a dream that never materialized. Ok-- I won't be so harsh, it partly materialized, and we've done so much but we've also got so much wrong.

The problem is we're confused over the definition of conservative and liberal versus Conservative and Liberal. We apply them in certain context, Democrats are Liberal, and Republicans are Conservative.

The difference between conservative, Conservative, and Liberal and liberal is lost. Democracy can no longer grasp this idea, and any attempts to rectify political party and today's ideologies from our forefather's ideas are in vain.

A conservative is one who totally upholds the ideals and notions of our Constitution. A conservative is very liberal...a conservative is liberal in the sense that they love and are willing to fight for liberty. Liberty per the Constitution is the right to do whatever you wish as long as you refrain from infringing upon the rights of others.

A Conservative is one who listens to Fox News to be told how to vote and act. These people often consume pure propaganda, they are so deep in the much of propaganda and the seduction of an idea that says "this complex issue is very simple after." Conservatives are the people that believe the War in Iraq was really about "weapons of mass destruction." Instead of rectifying the simple idea that Saddam has never attacked the United States, they're blind...they're debating the wrong topic: WMDs.

Liberals are just as bad. Liberals hate liberals, conservatives, and Conservatives, alike. Liberals are those who wish for a large government. One who tells us just like Fox News-- what we should think and do. Liberals know that the War in Iraq wasn't about WMDs. Liberals know that the war was about oil...yet, they act surprised. And, they haven't provided a convincing argument as to why waging a war for oil is wrong. The United States isn't going to survive in its "glory" without oil...so what's your plan for making it available beyond opening up (via democratic stability) the second largest oil reserve?

There's really no difference between Liberal and Conservatives.

Liberals want to impinge on your right to liberty by taxing the hell out of you, creating needless government bureaucracy. Conservatives today want to tax the hell out of your kids' future by financing a massive war by borrowing while cutting taxes to give the appearance to you that things are "alright."

The Liberals and Conservatives has one MASSIVE thing in common, they think you're stupid...and we might be (as a whole), but focusing on the right issues could really start to change some things...we need to end this mindless culture war between Liberals and Conservatives and get down to business...

Instead of embracing "freedom" we all need to rethink what exactly "freedom" is. Because, what good is "freedom" from foreign actors if domestic ones are pulling our strings and infringing upon our freedoms?

Which is precisely what a true conservative and liberal would ask...


Why Steve Jobs is a smart sonofabitch...and why he's so secret

Seven confessions of a Cingular rep

"Get the rebate in the store, and at home. "Try to get the rep to give you the rebate in the store, they'll be likely to do this if you agree to get accessories. You can get go on-
line and print out the rebate form from www.cingular.com and send it in anyway."

Northwest Airlines worker EJACULATES on a passenger...

Five phrases you never want to hear or say! in a presentation

pictures of the Aurora Australis


miracle goal. goalie goes downfield in last 30 seconds and OWNS.

Wii is doing some serious catch up in the console wars [link]...Xbox 360 has been out for about a year (is this right)?

a nice picture of the lunar eclpise [link]


kid fails on first question. watch his expression.


Kucinich introduces bill to immediately end Iraq occupation ... [link]

Letter to the Editor (LSU Daily Reveille)

Dear SG: We need better TPDear Student Government,Can we please get something a little better than half-ply toilet paper on campus? I mean, this is the 21st century, and the quality of toilet paper in our bathrooms can be considered sub-one-ply - which is still inferior. I realize that better quality toilet paper costs more money, but the fact is that when it takes 1,000 yards of sandpapery one-ply to "clean up," 500 yards of "zen-like" two-ply would equal the same amount of paper and would be much more pleasant.

Mmmk, Thanks,

Christopher Peters

originally here: [story]

things to do at home while bored [link] :

"Too much energy, Mr. Frog comes in handy"


Do you have a Facebook?

Do you have a Facebook? Facebook information => U.S. Government

100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass with 'Kung Fu'

Bachelor Buster puts his good health down to “the odd daily pint, a walk to the library and press-ups”. He added: “When I feel like a drink I push all the old folks in my street down to the pub in their wheelchairs for a right good knees-up.” {dailycognition.com}

Gallery: Vaporware for Pot Smokers: How to vaporize

Gallery: Vaporware for Pot Smokers: How to vaporize {Wired}

"I am a Mac user, so I vaporize via Firewire. It seems better for large transfers, which is always nice."

AFDB | Building

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie: An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

"It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have the shiny side pointing out. This is needed because the shiny side is most reflective to psychotronic radiation, while the dull side can actually, in certain environmental conditions, absorb it."

THE PSYCHOPATHIC SCHOOL: The Failure of Modern Public Education [ link ]

a great article about the homogeneous crap public schools produce: us

Video Killed the Radio Star by Michael Mimms, LSU Daily Reveille

Photo Credit, Adam Rogers

I love the quote under my picture:

"Christopher Peters, economics junior, makes an entry for his Youtube video blog Tuesday night at his apartment. Peters has been video blogging since December and says his popularity grows with every entry he makes."

you know you wish you were popular like me....*hard cough*

Check out this website [ wayfaring.com ], it allows you to look at maps others have made for cool things around your city

  • bike paths
  • cool bars
  • fishing spots
  • tubing spots
However, the unfortunate thing is that there are no cool Baton Rouge maps yet. To use the service, zoom out and drag the map to Louisiana then search in the search box. The material you're searching must be in the map in order to be found.

  • So go create some cool maps of your favorite places!

No question, the hottest iPod photo. period. Is this a sign of the times we live in or what?


Prediction for next 10 years:

Clear virtua-glasses (computer screen glasses) you'll wear hooked up to read RFID tags implanted in people or implanted in other people's virtua-glasses....when you walk by peers (especially at college), a futuristic version of their "facebook page" will appear, you can save it for later or read it right then.....

stalkerish-yes, weird....eh, I think Facebook was "weird" at first....of course, it wouldn't be stalkerish, you'd be able to tweak the privacy settings, allowing for only people in your network to view your profile.

just an idea...

stress barometer: 6.5/10

positive: running, reading the Qu'ran
negative: work, managerial accounting test Thursday, attempting to quit smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy

New US covert operations helping Sunni Muslim radicals - Yahoo! News

New US covert operations helping those incahoots with al-Qaeda...

Question the marK

23 reasons to smoke marijuana

Online gamer dies after ‘marathon’ session - Games - MSNBC.com

Online gamer dies after ‘marathon’ session - Games - MSNBC.com


Find WiFi cafe hotspots in Baton Rouge or wherever you may be....

What does your sleeping position say about you? I'm a "yearner"